Car Brakes and Truck Brakes

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Replacing auto brakes, whether it’s front brakes or rear brakes, are important parts of car maintenance. Having your auto brakes checked should be part of your routine, just like an oil change. If you protect your engine it only makes sense to protect your breaking capability too. In fact, auto brakes that go unchecked or not replaced can end up costing you more money, or even your life and the lives of other travelers.

Car Brakes

Car brakes will need replacement at some point. It doesn’t matter whether you own a Honda, Toyota, Acura, Ford, Chevy or Dodge. Car brakes eventually wear out no matter the maker. When that time comes you need to purchase new auto brakes from a quality parts dealer like Best Performance Auto Parts. In some areas you can cut corners, however, with car brakes it’s important to have high performance auto brakes for an auto parts supplier you trust.

Truck Brakes

When selecting truck brakes matching the right brake components with your truck is very important. Finding out your old truck brakes have overheated and failed at high speeds, or while hauling something, is not the time to discover you made a poor auto brakes choice. Let Best Performance Auto Parts help you get the right brakes for your vehicle today.

Buying Brakes Online at Best Performance Auto Parts

When choosing new brake pads or rotors for your car, make sure that you choose the highest quality material, even if it means paying a little more. The auto brakes you choose provide safety for you, your passengers and other drivers on the road. So be certain that your auto brakes are always in proper working order and, if not, look to Best Performance Auto Parts for replacement brakes.

Caster Camber Plates

Obtaining proper static alignment in your vehicle can be a challenge even on a stock car, as some Mustangs have too much negative camber at stock ride height. Excessive negative camber causes increased wear on the inside edges of your front tires. When you lower your Mustang, the camber becomes more negative.

Once the car is lowered, the factory camber adjustment slots will not provide enough range of motion for reducing negative camber to a point where your tires will wear evenly. The aftermarket Caster/Camber plates will provide the ability to set the camber to stock specifications regardless of ride height.

They also provide a means of adjusting caster in order to accommodate individual vehicle irregularities.

Dynamic alignment accuracy is the ability of your Honda, Acura, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge to maintain its static alignment settings during hard cornering. This accuracy is not possible with the stock rubber strut mounts because they deflect, allowing the camber and caster settings to fluctuate, which changes the effective toe setting.

Any time the effective toe setting changes it creates a steering input which is not coming from the driver. When engineering aftermarket Caster/Camber plates, we discovered that the only design which allows the necessary strut top movement is a spherical bearing.

The desired movement is a strut top which swivels without moving side to side, while the strut bottom is allowed to move in an arc.