Asian Infusion in the Bedroom: A Master Bedroom Decked out in an Asian Theme

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With a little bit of paint and some well-placed accessories, a bedroom can have an Asian Inspired theme in no time. Whether it’s extreme or just infused with a little pizzazz there are many different ways to achieve this theme.


The walls set the overall tone in the room. Depending on personal preference and what feeling the decorator is going for the walls would look good painted red, a burnt orange or even a chocolate brown. If the desired outcome isn’t a bright, shocking color on the wall, go for the brown or even a sage green color. But if the desired feel of the room is “going all out”, the red or orange would be stunning as well.


If the desire is to go extreme then consider buying some Asian inspired furniture: a platform bed that is low to the ground, a bookcase that looks like a ladder and leans against the wall or a headboard that used to be an antique door or a carving style. Another idea for a headboard would be a rice paper screen (or any sort of screen). These can be put anywhere in the room, not just utilized as a headboard.

If it’s not going to the extreme then just painting the furniture black will be good as well. Regardless of the color of the walls, black accents look best. Sanding down existing furniture and repainting them black would work wonders. If the decorator is a little crafty, after the black paint dries, try painting some Chinese characters in gold paint or green bamboo plants on your chairs to get a great value effect under 200.


To elicit the feeling of Asia put some scrolls or fans up on the wall. If there isn’t going to be a headboard, a combination of large fans and/or scrolls above the bed would make a great alternative headboard.

Rice paper lanterns could be hung in a corner of the room. There could be three of them at different heights or even three different sizes.


There are a number of ways to do accents depending on how extreme the room will be. Accent pillows for the bed should be a mix between accent colors for the walls. If the walls are red try black and white satin finish pillows. Regardless of the color of the walls pillows could be interchanged with a satin finish, a few matte finishes or even a pillow or two with Chinese characters on them.

The bedspread should be white to contrast all the black furniture and mimic the traditional Chinese futons.

Having a few bamboo plants or bonsai trees around would elicit the feel of Asia. The plants could be coupled with a bowl of floating candles or even an origami looking boat candle. If one can’t be found, a small sand/zen garden would look nice as well.

The decorator could also put the bed in the middle of the room and put sheer drapes from the ceiling, or a four post bed. Or possibly keep the bed up against the wall and make one corner of the room a meditation area with some fake indoor plants like bamboo trees or small palms. And what Asian inspired room would be complete without a Buddha, possibly in the meditation area.