Dorm Living: How to Make the Most of Your Campus Housing

How to decorate your dorm room to reflect your personality and style while welcoming your new friends.

Many people get their first experience living on their own in a dorm room. Unfortunately, most university-sponsored housing is a horribly bleak box with industrial paint on the cinderblock walls and rugged and durable furniture that lacks any sense of style. Not to mention the horrible carpet.

Dorm Decorating Rules

It’s exciting to live on your own for the first time, but turning a dorm room into a personal oasis can be challenging. The most important thing to know when you begin decorating your dorm is the college rules. Every campus is different, but most of them have very specific rules about what you can and can’t do to your dorm room. Learn the rules and then think of creative ways to work within the boundaries. It may seem very limiting at first but the rules are actually there to protect you from harm.

Adding Color to your Dorm Room

If your dorm allows you to paint the wall, go for it! Some dorms actually do allow you to paint your walls as long as you repaint them when you move out. It’s worth the extra effort to give your room some color.

If you can’t paint the walls, add color in other ways. Most dorms allow you to put posters or other artwork on the walls as long as you use approved products for hanging them. Instead of going the traditional route with your artwork consider canvasses with a solid color or framed swatches of fabric.

Add color in other ways with throw pillows, bright bedding, colorful throw rugs, and attractive desk supplies.

Remember to choose your colors wisely. Color not only reflects your personality but it also can affect your mood. Since you’ll be spending so much time in this small room, it’s important to select a color that makes you feel happy and energized for studying and rested and relaxed in your free time. If you can, give yourself a studying and play area and a relaxing and sleep area and add color appropriately.

Furnishings in Campus Housing

If your dorm allows you to have a loft, then do it. This gives you additional floor space and creates a dedicated sleeping area. It also gives you a more flexible floor plan and breaks up the standard dorm room box.

Check what the rules are in regards to other furnishings, replace what you can to bring more of your personality into the room. If you can add furnishings you may want to bring in more seating options for new friends. If you can’t then bring in some comfortable pillows so no one has to sit directly on the hard floor.

Organization and University Living

Keeping a dorm room looking good is similar to living in a small apartment or home. You need to be very organized to keep things neat and tidy. Search for storage containers that will hide your junk while looking attractive and bringing color into your dorm room. Add plastic wall hooks wherever necessary to hang items and prevent desktop and dresser top clutter.

If you have an exposed closet, look for a colorful fabric shower curtain to hide your clothes and give the room a little more appeal.

Dorm living is exciting, fun and stressful all at the same time. It’s important to have a personal retreat that makes you feel welcome and comforted and one that reflects your personal style.


Budget Bathroom Decorating: Update your Bathroom Without Overspending

Remodeling a bathroom can be one of the most expensive interior decorating projects in your home, but you can give your bathroom a fresh, new look without spending a lot. Before you begin, clean your bathroom from top to bottom. You’ll definitely be happier with the way it looks when you know it’s clean.

Next, it’s time to freshen up your old grout and caulk. Renewing these elements gives a little new life to your existing floor and fixtures. It’s cheaper than purchasing a new tub or sink and much easier than pulling up old tile and laying new tile.

If you have linoleum consider replacing or recovering it. Peel and stick squares are inexpensive and very easy to lay. In just a weekend you can have an entire bathroom floor without spending a lot of money or effort.

Paint is obviously a great way to rejuvenate any room, but a little bit of faux finishing or decorative painting will add even more visual impact and doesn’t cost much more than a solid coat of paint. If you have painted shelves or a vanity, freshen that paint as well, maybe even change the color. If your vanity is bare wood a coat of paint is a great way to change its appearance. Remember to use a good primer when working with wood and select paints designed to be used in bathrooms or other moist areas.

Use your towels as decorating items. Don’t spend a lot on new towels, skip the luxury and go for style. Select contrasting colors that visually pop when hung against your newly painted walls. If you’re looking to brighten a bathroom, select white towels and accessories and a darker wall color. Dirt is less likely to show on the darker walls and the white appliances, towels, and accessories will appear crisp and fresh.

As long as you’re updating your towels, you should spend a little more and update the other accessories. Buy a new shower curtain, bath mat, and soap dish, etc. Don’t spend a lot on these items as they can be found at almost every discount department store and even some dollar stores; instead look for items that are dramatically different in color, style, and form from your previous decorations.

Keep your bathroom decorations simple; fussy knickknacks and dried floral arrangements really don’t have a place in bathrooms and only serve as dust collectors. Use bath items as decorations instead. Colored lotion bottles and bubble baths are functional and can be attractive when organized properly. Decorative soaps are nice but rarely used; instead, you should find attractive bottles and refill them with liquid soap. In small rooms turning functional items into works of art or attractive pieces is much more important than filling the space with useless trinkets.

And finally, replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones that not only brighten those dark corners but save you money in the process.

By following these few tips you can redecorate your bathroom for a few hundred dollars rather than thousands and still wind up with a dramatically different room.


Asian Infusion in the Bedroom: A Master Bedroom Decked out in an Asian Theme

With a little bit of paint and some well-placed accessories, a bedroom can have an Asian Inspired theme in no time. Whether it’s extreme or just infused with a little pizzazz there are many different ways to achieve this theme.


The walls set the overall tone in the room. Depending on personal preference and what feeling the decorator is going for the walls would look good painted red, a burnt orange or even a chocolate brown. If the desired outcome isn’t a bright, shocking color on the wall, go for the brown or even a sage green color. But if the desired feel of the room is “going all out”, the red or orange would be stunning as well.


If the desire is to go extreme then consider buying some Asian inspired furniture: a platform bed that is low to the ground, a bookcase that looks like a ladder and leans against the wall or a headboard that used to be an antique door or a carving style. Another idea for a headboard would be a rice paper screen (or any sort of screen). These can be put anywhere in the room, not just utilized as a headboard.

If it’s not going to the extreme then just painting the furniture black will be good as well. Regardless of the color of the walls, black accents look best. Sanding down existing furniture and repainting them black would work wonders. If the decorator is a little crafty, after the black paint dries, try painting some Chinese characters in gold paint or green bamboo plants on your chairs to get a great value effect under 200.


To elicit the feeling of Asia put some scrolls or fans up on the wall. If there isn’t going to be a headboard, a combination of large fans and/or scrolls above the bed would make a great alternative headboard.

Rice paper lanterns could be hung in a corner of the room. There could be three of them at different heights or even three different sizes.


There are a number of ways to do accents depending on how extreme the room will be. Accent pillows for the bed should be a mix between accent colors for the walls. If the walls are red try black and white satin finish pillows. Regardless of the color of the walls pillows could be interchanged with a satin finish, a few matte finishes or even a pillow or two with Chinese characters on them.

The bedspread should be white to contrast all the black furniture and mimic the traditional Chinese futons.

Having a few bamboo plants or bonsai trees around would elicit the feel of Asia. The plants could be coupled with a bowl of floating candles or even an origami looking boat candle. If one can’t be found, a small sand/zen garden would look nice as well.

The decorator could also put the bed in the middle of the room and put sheer drapes from the ceiling, or a four post bed. Or possibly keep the bed up against the wall and make one corner of the room a meditation area with some fake indoor plants like bamboo trees or small palms. And what Asian inspired room would be complete without a Buddha, possibly in the meditation area.



The beautiful metal mechanism, the comfortable leather seats and cushions, the back that can be pushed to any extent, with such great benefits, here is a wonderful gift just for you. It is the “recliner chairs”.


One of the designs of the chairs that came in the earlier days was the elevating and revolving chairs that could fit well. There was no complicated machinery, yet the person who was seated relaxed himself to a great extent. The only transformation that was brought in the design of the chairs was in the form of the rods and also the pegs that were too comfortable to relax on with the added cushions. There were also some of the best easy chairs that were later reclined to allow the mechanism of faster tilting. With the best upholstery and frame, the recliners came into the market of furniture as one of the most important fashionable and comfortable chairs.


The recliners are the best option that can take any shape in order to ease a body. The recliners are never limited to the option of being seated; rather they can be transformed into the couches that will be a great piece for all the age groups.

Some of the best health effects are:

Relieving stress:

There are a continual health issues that come popping wit the day to day tensions at workplace and also sometimes in the form of the family disputes, so, in order to remove such unpleasant thoughts and soothe the body and the mind, it is advisable to go for the recliners that can be the best option to relieve one from the pains by soothing the body when letting into the open air. One may simply rest outdoors with these chairs, which can be the best alternative to the beds that cannot be placed outside. The recliners can be the best option to simply rest upon without worrying about the sleeplessness.

Dealing with the pains of pregnancy

Some often common problems that come with pregnancy are the swollen ankles, fingers that turn tight, points that are ached as well as the heavy tummy all of which turn out to be a mess for the mother’s body. In such situations, the recliners can be the only option to lay the mother and also allow her to relax in the fresh air with the beautiful environment surrounding her. Often staying indoors in the worst environments may prove to be the worst experience of the mother. The chairs can be the best option to line up the centre of gravity and also allow her to have a sound sleep coming up with the pains of pregnancy.

Relieving the pains

The people who suffer from arthritis especially the older people always suffer from the fluid accumulation at the joints, circulation problems and also the pains of arthritis, there is never a possibility of sound sleep with such terrible situations. For this reason, the muscles start to get pulled downwards. To cope up with such situations, the best medicine is to go with the recliners as per the doctor’s advice.

Old age can be the most pathetic time to be dealt with. So, there is a need t make it one of the best moments of life. To make the older people happy, on can surely gift them with the best recliners.

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Car Brakes and Truck Brakes

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Replacing auto brakes, whether it’s front brakes or rear brakes, are important parts of car maintenance. Having your auto brakes checked should be part of your routine, just like an oil change. If you protect your engine it only makes sense to protect your breaking capability too. In fact, auto brakes that go unchecked or not replaced can end up costing you more money, or even your life and the lives of other travelers.

Car Brakes

Car brakes will need replacement at some point. It doesn’t matter whether you own a Honda, Toyota, Acura, Ford, Chevy or Dodge. Car brakes eventually wear out no matter the maker. When that time comes you need to purchase new auto brakes from a quality parts dealer like Best Performance Auto Parts. In some areas you can cut corners, however, with car brakes it’s important to have high performance auto brakes for an auto parts supplier you trust.

Truck Brakes

When selecting truck brakes matching the right brake components with your truck is very important. Finding out your old truck brakes have overheated and failed at high speeds, or while hauling something, is not the time to discover you made a poor auto brakes choice. Let Best Performance Auto Parts help you get the right brakes for your vehicle today.

Buying Brakes Online at Best Performance Auto Parts

When choosing new brake pads or rotors for your car, make sure that you choose the highest quality material, even if it means paying a little more. The auto brakes you choose provide safety for you, your passengers and other drivers on the road. So be certain that your auto brakes are always in proper working order and, if not, look to Best Performance Auto Parts for replacement brakes.

Caster Camber Plates

Obtaining proper static alignment in your vehicle can be a challenge even on a stock car, as some Mustangs have too much negative camber at stock ride height. Excessive negative camber causes increased wear on the inside edges of your front tires. When you lower your Mustang, the camber becomes more negative.

Once the car is lowered, the factory camber adjustment slots will not provide enough range of motion for reducing negative camber to a point where your tires will wear evenly. The aftermarket Caster/Camber plates will provide the ability to set the camber to stock specifications regardless of ride height.

They also provide a means of adjusting caster in order to accommodate individual vehicle irregularities.

Dynamic alignment accuracy is the ability of your Honda, Acura, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge to maintain its static alignment settings during hard cornering. This accuracy is not possible with the stock rubber strut mounts because they deflect, allowing the camber and caster settings to fluctuate, which changes the effective toe setting.

Any time the effective toe setting changes it creates a steering input which is not coming from the driver. When engineering aftermarket Caster/Camber plates, we discovered that the only design which allows the necessary strut top movement is a spherical bearing.

The desired movement is a strut top which swivels without moving side to side, while the strut bottom is allowed to move in an arc.